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Bygg Reis Deg
  dodane: 18.10.2013
Na Międzynarodowe Targi Budownictwa Nordic Building Exhibition Bygg Reis Deg przygotowali¶my zabudowy targowe dla znanych firm Maxbo, Sika oraz Inwido.
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stoiska targowe
  dodane: 30.09.2012
Kornet wykonał na międzynarodowych targach kolejnictwa Innotrans nowoczesne, wielkopowierzchniowe stoisko dla firmy Hyoundai Rotem - koreańskiego producenta poci±gów.
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exhibition stands
  dodane: 20.12.2010
For the December fair in Barcelona we prepared a huge, elegant exhibition stand for The Korea Tourism Organization - Korea Inspiring Meetings.
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exhibition stands
  dodane: 31.09.2010
Kornet prepared some trade show booths at the ALUMINIUM, the world trade fair of the aluminum industry and conference.
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  dodane: 12.05.2010
Like every year, we prepared several exhibition stands for the trade fair in Dusseldorf, Germany.
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exhibition booths
  dodane: 20.04.2010
One of our clients was the famous Chinese company - Hunan Sunward, construction equipment manufacturer.
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  dodane: 12.03.2010
At the Ambiente fair our clients were, among others, a producers of great porcelain dishes.
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exhibition stands
  dodane: 15.01.2010
In January there was international Domotex trade fair in Hannover, Germany.
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stoisko targowe
  dodane: 7.01.2010
Byli¶my współwykonawcami oprawy dla targów sadowniczych Agrosimex w Centrum Expo XXI w Warszawie
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